About Us

We are a shop. We are a warehouse. We are a Salvage and manufacturing workshop.  We look to find old and weathered items that are filled with stories and history and we give them new life.  We create wonderful items and repurpose others to fill our storefront.  We offer these items to the public or create custom designs to your specification.  There’s nothing we can’t do!

Meet our team

An awesome way to introduce the members of your team.

Robin Karr


The lady who started it all. Mrs. Robin has lived in Tarpon Springs for over two decades, and her family has been the south for many more. According to her, the idea for the Salvage Bank arose out of sheer interest. She loved custom furniture and she loved finding the hidden treasures of communities. Why not do something with it? Within two years she opened up shop and has perfected her craft ever since. Her infectious personality has been around for her entire life, and it’s that same personality that you can feel with every item in the store.

yazmin harris

store associate

Yazmin is a true local from the beautiful Tarpon Springs. If we ever open up a café, she’ll be the manager from the get-go. Yazmin loves trying out new cuisines and even said that she once drove to Orlando to try out a place. It helps that she loves going on road trips, with Georgia being her favorite destination yet. Yazmin is vegan and says she is very passionate about animals. Especially her French Bulldog puppy Winona. Her favorite item in the Salvage Bank is the table built from the Biltmore Hotel wood.